Nina Noten is the initiative of Raluca Petrescu, who imagined this project as the next chapter of her creative journey.

It started with a quest to follow the path of prominent influences from her personal heritage (Brancusi, Eliade, Cioran), which brought her to Paris.

Intrigued by the then-novel arena of social media and branded content and spent over a decade tailoring this unchartered playfield to the paradigms of the luxury industry. In her tenure as Managing Director of leading influencer marketing agency Ykone, she drove award-winning projects for key brands across the luxury, jewelry, fashion and beauty sectors (L’Oréal, Richemont, LVMH, Shiseido).

Today, she is ready to embark upon the next era in digital. With Nina Noten, she seeks to connect with the most creative minds in the social landscape. This mission is supported by her association with Heroes New York, a prominent actor with a pulse on the next wave. Inspired by the rich culture of Paris and insatiable energy of New York, she is creating a hybrid model that connects the two cultures and defining a distinctive new approach for brands to cultivate their presence.