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Nina Noten is a creative lab that offers an avant-garde yet authentic approach to branded content.

We bring together forward-thinking talent, social media influence and audacious brand expression to create compelling narratives that reflect the cultural movement. Our creative collaborations and happenings empower brands to reach the most dynamic consumer group: the modern creative class.

Make no mistake.
For good, or for bad, the age of influence is here.
The question is, how are you going to use yours?
— The Business of Fashion, The Age of Influence, May 2018
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In an ever-evolving communications landscape, progressive brands need to equip themselves for the post-influencer era.
The new generation of modern consumers filters through digital noise, seeking novel ideas and intelligent perspectives.
They draw inspiration from those they identify with, listening to those who speak their language: The Forward Society.

The Forward Society is a global community of creative insiders whose talent is shaping the direction of our culture.
United in a common quest for innovation, they are challenging and redirecting our tastes, aesthetics and lifestyles.
They are the unique voices leading the social conversation and, ultimately, driving economic growth.

Nina Noten collaborates with relevant members of The Forward Society to create content that transcends the expected,
capturing the most selective eyes and minds. Brands no longer need to join their conversation; they become their conversation.


“The Forward Society is a global community of creative insiders whose talent is shaping
the direction of our culture.”

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SPACE. As everything around us changes, one constant remains: the importance of human connection.
More than just a physical space, the Nina Noten Residence is an inspiring and intimate setting that can galvanize any vision.
An ephemeral gallery, a pop-up store, a conversation room… The ideas are limitless.

STORY. In our loud virtual space, only genuine creativity is heard. We collaborate with vanguard talent to conceptualize
and produce transformative digital content. Shared through the voices and social media platforms of members of The Forward Society, it allows brands to reach the global tribe of creatives.

EXPERIENCE. Vision needs space to grow, perspective to evolve. Hosted in exceptional locales and encompassing the most forward-thinking talent, our seasonal creative escapes explore a series of prevalent topics for brands to propel their vision.



“Nina is a catalyst.
A muse of The Forward Society.”



In today’s dynamic world, there is no more room for labels. The new generation is redefining its mission, transcending old possibilities, and creating new paradigms. Frontiers are now blurred, categories are irrelevant, opportunities are limitless.

Enter Nina Noten, a creative space that reflects this movement. At the center of it - a fictional character who embodies
the essence of the modern creative class. Always on the go, she thrives on learning and exploring, absorbing the culture of her time. She challenges the status quo, seeking deeper meaning and thought-provoking ideas. Independent yet collaborative,
she seeks engagement, aiming to become part of what inspires her. Her name is Nina Noten.

Nina is a catalyst. A muse of The Forward Society. A narrator of a community that unites dynamic talent.
An emblem of a destination for compelling content. A leader of a movement for creativity and innovation.

Nina invites you to join this movement. Let’s start creating together.



Nina Noten is the initiative of Raluca Petrescu, who imagined this project as the next chapter of her creative journey.
It started with a quest to follow the path of prominent influences from her personal heritage (Brancusi, Eliade, Cioran),
which brought her to Paris.

Intrigued by the then-novel arena of social media and branded content, she spent over a decade tailoring this unchartered playfield to the paradigms of the luxury industry. In her tenure as Managing Director of leading influencer marketing agency Ykone, she drove award-winning projects for key brands across the luxury, jewelry, fashion and beauty sectors (L’Oréal, Richemont, LVMH, Shiseido).

Today, she is ready to embark upon the next era in digital. With Nina Noten, she seeks to connect with the most creative minds
in the social landscape.
This mission is supported by her association with Heroes New York, a prominent actor with a pulse on the next wave.
Inspired by the rich culture of Paris and insatiable energy of New York, she is creating a hybrid model that connects the two cultures and defining a distinctive new approach for brands to cultivate their presence.  

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Paris Office: 64-66 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris
New York Office: 50 Greene Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10013

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